Green Screen  Studio

Videographer and Woman

Our Central London based Green studio is available for both in house projects and for your own. You can hire this amazing yet cheap green screen studio with just the green screen or we can provide the equipment(please see below) and crew. You can either contact us for bookings or go to Book Online Section to make your booking online. Film Production Companies in London


Please contact us for longer bookings or if you need more information as we can customise our offers to fit your needs better. 

Green Screen Set
Video Shoot in Green Screen

Equipments we can provide:


Red Epic Dragon 6K full package 

Panasonic GH5

Canon C300 MK II

Sony A7s MK II, A7 MK III

Rokinon - Samyang Cine prime lenses:

14mm f:3.1, 
24mm f:1.5, 
35mm f:1.5, 
50mm f:1.5, 
85mm f:1.5  


Aputure 300 D MK II 
Aputure 120 D MK II 
Aputure LS Mini 20 D 
4ft Kino flo  
Arri 600W fresnel 
Arri 350W fresnel


1x Zaxcom Deva 5.8 Recorder
4x Lectrosonics Smqv Transmitter
4x Lectrosonics Ucr411A Receiver
1x Lectrosonics Um400A IFB Transmitter
4x Lectrosonics R1A IFB Receiver
1x Sennheiser Mkh416 Mic + Windjammer 
6x DPA Lavalier Mic
1x Ambiante Qp480 Boompole
1x Ambiante Tiny Time Code Gen + Cable
10x Velcro for Tx
2x Tracer 22A Battery + Charger